White Owl Parts Co. Inc.
After serving his country in Europe during World War II, George Kivett Sr. was running a roadside gas station and grill called the "White Owl Cafe". When business was slow he would work on surplus jeeps in a farm shed located behind the cafe. (The cafe has been demolished for road construction, but the farm shed still stands). In 1947 a nearby parcel of farm land was bought, a building built, a Willys' Car Dealership acquired, and White Owl Parts Company was born. While our yard still includes the original parcel of land, we now occupy approximately twenty five acres on the outskirts of Kinston NC. Here at White Owl, we still believe in, and adhere to, the principles and values that built this company from the beginning. Honesty, integrity, value to the customer, and last but not least, hard work, have all been a part of our business from the beginning! Those attributes have taken us from the humble beginnings of the farm shed to a company that does business all over the world. We import and export military trucks, equipment, and jeeps, and all the associated parts for those vehicles. Our customers range from the commercial interest such as loggers and power line companies to serious military collectors. To a logger, a truck is a tool to be used, and abused if necessary. But a collector sees a military truck as a piece of history that should be preserved. We understand and serve both points of view. Surplus military vehicles represent a tremendous value to anyone who needs a heavy duty off road vehicle.They are reliable and very easy to maintain. Repair parts are relatively inexpensive and readily available. If you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to call, write, fax, or email. 

2539 Hillcrest Rd  Kinston NC 28504
Phone 252-522-2586     gkivett@whiteowl.com     FAX 252-522-4331

URL: http://www.whiteowl.com/beginnings.html

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GEORGE M KIVETT Sr.     1944